Conducting a Job Analysis


Conducting a job analysis of a position within a business can be complex. Jobs are a complicated mixture of tasks to be done, problems to be solved, and dealing with equipment, tools, schedules, places and people. This course will help train you to be able to conduct an analysis of the most relevant factors of a job that will be encountered by a new worker. For example, it is important to know at a minimum: what tasks are to be done; what problems to expect; what is the expected performance and related schedules and their timing; what other people will the person be interacting with and how; and whether there are any specific expectations about a task or personal behavior.

Credit Hours: 4


  1. Introduction to Job Analysis
  2. Job Components
  3. Methods of Analysis
  4. Determining Task Flow
  5. Example of a Job Analysis
  6. Reviewing Soft Skills
  7. Safety on the Job Site
  8. Task Efficiency
  9. Task Modifications
  10. Synthesizing Information – Sample Forms
  11. Conclusion: Support Plan
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