About Planning Guides and Assessments

Our Planning Guides are collections of templates that you can download and use as often as you wish within your program. They can be completed on a tablet, laptop or smartphone, or printed and completed by hand. Learn more by clicking on the video below.


Career Development Planning Guide Collection

Career Planning Checklist (3 p.)
Career Planning Team Roster (1 p.)
Job Exploration (1 p,)
Discovery Job Seeker Interview (2p.)
Discovery Personal Network Interview (2p.)
Career Review Home Visit (2p.)
Discovery Observations (1 p.)
Record Review (1p.)
Neighborhood Tour (2 p.)
Career Planning Agenda Sheet (1 p.)

Situational Assessment
This downloadable E-form is a 2-page assessment is packed with a number of critical data fields to record key information during an assessment of a work experience. Includes Task Interest, Work Rate, Accuracy, Attention to Task, Job Duty Sequencing, Need for Accommodations, Training, Reinforcement. Also covers a variety of Soft Skills, Settings, Physical Characteristics, and more. Great for discovering career paths and directions to take, as well as determining what support needs should be available in certain settings and with certain tasks.

Employer Engagement Self Assessment
This 8-page Planning Guide will help you pinpoint your strengths and needs in order to create a viable plan to network and partner with local employers.

Marketing Planning for Employer Engagement
This Planning Guide takes you through the initial steps of developing a brand, theme, logo, program name, and other representations of good employer engagement.

Marketing Communication Tools for Employer Engagement
Set of 5 multi-page planning takes you through the steps of developing an employer engagement communications plan that includes publications, networking, web pages, digital media, video, a business advisory council, and other tools. These tools will flow from you brand, theme, logo, program name, and other representations of employer engagement.

  • *Master Checklist of Tools to Prioritize
  • *Publications Communications Plan (brochure, business cards,
  • *Digital and Web Communications Plan (videos, PowerPoint presentations, online newsletter, blog, web page development, social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • *Networking Plan (hosting special events, community association memberships, Chamber of Commerce participation, employer training, holiday events, job fairs)
  • *Business Advisory Council Development

Job Analysis
This Planning Guide is designed to target the key information needed to develop job task matching and job supports for any individual. Details each task within the job, including time they occur, sub-tasks, location, and other factors such as performance expectations, physical requirements, co-worker support availability, equipment, social expectations, and more.

Functional Skills Training Priorities
This two-page Planning Guide can help direct a learner and trainer to the correct priorities. Based on self-determination, it asks the simple questions, is this domain related to the learner’s life goals, and is it important to be a learned skill, rather than something that can be accommodated. Once each domain is ranked, you can see what domains are priorities, and determine what next steps should occur.

Reinforcer Inventory
Presumed reinforcers can often be ineffective, and some reinforcers can stigmatize the person due to age inappropriateness, setting unacceptability, or issues with availability. Use this six-page checklist that covers ten key domains of potential reinforcers, including social, personal, and and a variety of tangible primary and secondary reinforcers to survey each learner’s reinforcement preferences. Allows the user to rate expected level of effectiveness of each.

Transition Planning Checklist for Employment
This one page checklist covers six key areas to manage during the transition from school-to-work. Includes making sure career planning, family partnerships, employment experiences, and more are covered. Excellent way for transition specialists, supervisors, parents, vocational counselors, and others to keep track of major areas to accomplish before school graduation when focusing on employment opportunities


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