Planning Guide: Job Analysis


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E-form template that can be completed right at the job site with a smart phone, laptop, or tablet. Type your findings as you tab through the form. Once purchased, the tool can be used within your program as often as the license you purchase provides.

Most job analysis tools focus on factors that are either too vague or not relevant. This planning guide is designed to target the key information needed to develop job task matching and job supports for any individual. The cover page includes job details including:

  • Schedule
  • Wages/Benefits
  • Transportation
  • Accommodations Needed
  • General Workplace Expectations (Appearance, Customer Visibility/Interaction, Environmental Conditions, Workplace Culture, Level of Supervision, etc.)
  • Task List and Schedule

Job Analysis TaskThe follow-up pages are assigned to each task within the job, including time they occur, sub-tasks, location, and other factors such as performance expectations, physical requirements, co-worker support availability, equipment, social expectations, and more. A form can be completed for each task to the level of detail you want or need.

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