Assessment: Employment First


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This downloadable manual covers 40 key elements needed to support Employment First, from agency-level restructuring to policy, funding incentives, and technical capacity. It includes a Self-Assessment tool and an appendix of Sample Policies from around the US. (Order must be paid to access; User agrees document will not be filed-shared.)

Employment First refers to having community employment be the primary expected goal for working-age adults with disabilities in government-funded day services, and for those services to support that realization of that goal. It is currently being embraced in many US States as a policy initiative. Employment First presents a great opportunity for advancing more jobs for people with disabilities, but there is a real concern that new initiatives, while well-intentioned, will be developed incompletely and ultimately will do little to change a largely segregated and entrenched vocational system.

“A much needed practical publication for the whole Employment First arena – it is by far the best thing available. It will take the simple rhetoric of EF to a whole other level of practical discussion. Nicely organized, succinct, logical presentation, and well written.”

– Richard Luecking, Ed.D.

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