Conducting a Job Analysis


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The two most important features of job success is job matching and job training. Both of these processes depend on how well you have been able to gather information on the tasks and context for any job. This process of data collection is called a job analysis. A job analysis should not be haphazard, inaccurate, or leave out critical information — as this can create worker mismatches with tasks or cause inappropriate training. This training will look at how to collect data, offer strategies on what kinds of information to collect, and describe ways to synthesize the key content into a useful tool for job success.

Credit Hours: 4

  1. Introduction
  2. Job Components
  3. Methods of Analysis
  4. Determining Task Flow
  5. Example of
  6. Reviewing Soft Skills
  7. Safety on the Job Site
  8. Task Efficiency
  9. Task Modifications
  10. Synthesizing Information – Sample Forms
  11. Conclusion: Support Plan

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