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From the time and date of purchase, you have seven days to view and complete the course. After that, course access closes. There are no extensions provided.

Once you logon, you will see your avatar (your image representing yourself) and a navigation menu below it. Click on “My COURSES” to see the list of what training you have purchased or are subscribed to. From there you are able to select a course to begin, or view the results of your course activity, such as your test scores.

A course is a series of lessons, followed by a post-test and a certificate. Each lesson has content. The content might be a audio-visual presentation, a video, text, an interactive activity, or a combination of these. Some lessons are multi-page. When you complete a lesson, mark it as “Complete.” You can still return to it during the course to review.

Each course has a test at the end. Two attempts to pass the test are provided. A passing score is 70%. Tests are multiple choice and true or false.

If you complete all the lessons and pass the post-test, you are presented a certificate of completion. Depending on the course, the certificate will cite the number of hours the course is credited for. The certificate can be found in your profile.

What is Covered in TRN Courses? See Course Outlines

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