Subscription Pricing Plans

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAID THEY NEEDED: TRN received many requests to set up a flexible training system that can be used, both by a single individual or by entire programs for various numbers of staff. Managers also wanted the ability to add and remove staff for course access.

WHAT WE HAVE DEVELOPED: TRN Subscriptions. These memberships are designed to provide low-cost access to training and other resources that can be used by individuals or staff teams. We also added access to either significant discounts or free usage to our various other products, such as visual resumes, digital planning forms, assessments, e-books, etc.

*There is a weekly 5-order limit when you purchase an all-access subscription.

You can purchase a subscription for yourself, for a staff member, or for a whole team if you want them to be able to take a series of web courses.

Click on the level that best meets your needs. You can always upgrade or downgrade later.

Subscribe for multiple users. Buy a Team Subscription! Purchase the number of seats you need your staff.

You can purchase PREMIUM and ALL ACCESS for groups of staff as a “team.”

A team allows the team owner to name a team, and to enter team individuals as members for access as needed up to the number of seats you buy.

You add new members to the team right from the account area on your site in either of 2 ways: share a public “join” link, or sending an email invite. Examples of how this managed by the buyer are below.


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