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Gathering job information can be done in many ways. The next page of this lesson describes each. Deciding on which is the best approach will depend on each situation and whether you have a willing worker, access to the job site during the tasks, and how detailed the information needs to be.

There are other considerations as well.

Collecting informatiojobanalysismethod1n about how people perform their jobs can reflect people’s feelings about the work. An employee might not understand the reason for the job analysis and become anxious about job security, pay or status. As a result, some employees may be reluctant to participate. On the other hand, some workers might tend to exaggerate the importance of their tasks or deflate the importance of someone else’s tasks because of their own views or sense of importance.

An employment specialist or job developer should always look further than accepting what is provided as the way things are done. One way to verify information is to collect data from different sources and using different approaches.

The form shown on the presentation can be downloaded below. Here is an example of what a simple one looks like when an employee has completed one. Click on it to view in a separate tab or to print/download.




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