6 Determine Your Message


What can you do with all this research? First of all, the results of your research are very useful for you in your marketing planning. You will be much better able to develop marketing tools that specifically answer and target the interests and needs of businesses. For example, if businesses are struggling to provide accommodations for workers with disabilities, your program can offer free support in that area for job hires through your program. If turnover is a problem, your marketing might cite how the placements you have facilitated have extended well beyond the average tenure of local hires. The final result should be a single, memorable theme that can be expanded upon depending on the tools you will use to deliver the theme. This theme will become your targeted marketing message.

Research for marketing is an often overlooked part of the job development process. Yet, without good research, a lot of marketing and job development effort can be wasted on the wrong businesses or an ineffective message or tool. Invest your time wisely with good research and networking, and job development success becomes much more likely. Job development is just one step of a marketing process that should constantly be evaluated.

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