12 Service and Job Seeker Information

There are two sources of important information to provide an employer during a face-to-face meeting: your agency and services; and the qualifications of specific job seekers. These might be provided in separate meetings, if that will be available to you, or in the same meeting, depending on how it proceeds. Let’s look at these one at a time.

Your Agency and Services

Consider using a presentation kit to represent the job placement services your agency provides to employers. You can include a description of your agency, the services it offers, reference letters, examples of employees placed successfully, and photographs and testimonials.

Once these have been collected, it is important to organize them for a professional appearance. Include approximately 10 to 20 pages, and organize it so it flows and tells a story. Place labels with typed captions on each page that explain the relevance of the material. The sample below provides an outline of what a kit can contain.

Qualifications of Job Seeker(s) 

Provide an overview of potential job seekers’ skills, experience, and personal attributes. It is important to provide examples of how each trait might match the employer’s needs.

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