3 Understanding Worker Contributions

Job customization involves the melding of job seeker and employer needs through systematic workplace analysis and person-centered career planning. It is based on the concept of using a person’s unique contributions and matching those to the needs of an employment setting.


What are Contributions?

Contribution relates to the specific sets of skills (present and potential), personality traits, and potential assets an applicant offers as “resources” for the employer. Resources can be skills, tools, personality, or other valued attributes that create profit, increase efficiency, and/or offer enrichment in the workplace environment. For example, her are some questions to consider.

  1. Which duties take staff away from their main functions or areas of expertise?
  2. Are there tasks many employees do that could be performed more efficiently by one person?
  3. Which duties put production behind schedule?
  4. Which tasks become backlogged or difficult for staff to get to?
  5. Which duties require staff to work overtime?
  6. Which duties for which temporary employees are being used?
  7. Which entry-level duties do not receive the necessary attention from current staff?
  8. Which duties, if assigned to supported employees, would make the jobs of others easier or more enjoyable?

These questions encourage employers to think about work flow and help them identify problems.  Essentially, they probe the areas of efficiency (#1 and #2), speed  (#3 and #4), cost (#5 and #6), work quality (#7), and staff morale (#8).

When are you ready to customize?

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