This web course will focus on understanding the concepts related to social inclusion for people with disabilities. It reviews the obstacles needed to be overcome, as well as the strategies needed to be applied, so that people can be seen for their strengths and gifts and be valued in community relationships in their home communities and at work. Community-based services developed as alternatives to the exclusion of people with severe disabilities from the labor force and community neighborhoods. A priority in these programs is the achievement of inclusion. Credit Hours: 6 Curriculum 1. Intro to Inclusion 2. Defining Inclusion Obstacles 3. Stigma and Inclusion 4. Groups, Jargon and Labels 5. Over-Professionalization 6. Segregation and Readiness Facilitation 7. Routines and Familiarity 8. Personal Expression 9. Social Capital, Roles, Associations Conclusion 10. Outcomes

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