Employment First


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How to make community employment the primary expected goal for working-age youth and adults with disabilities.

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This presentation covers key elements needed to support Employment First, from agency-level restructuring to policy, funding incentives, and technical capacity. Downloadable note-taking pages. Employment First refers to having community employment be the primary expected goal for working-age adults with disabilities in government-funded day services, and for those services to support that realization of that goal. It is currently being embraced in many US States as a policy initiative.

Employment First presents a great opportunity for advancing more jobs for people with disabilities, but there is a real concern that new initiatives, while well-intentioned, will be developed incompletely and ultimately will do little to change a largely segregated and entrenched vocational system.

Credit Hours: 2

  1. Introduction to Employment First
  2. Traditional Day Services
  3. Defining Employment First
  4. Support Strategies
  5. Families and Informed Choice
  6. Policy and Collaboration
  7. Organizational Staff and Leadership
  8. Flexibility and Innovation
  9. Organizational Change
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