Reinforcement in Training


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Good training requires an understanding of the principles of reinforcement. Reinforcement, which by definition, increases the likelihood of an action being repeated successfully, has many facets that the trainer must consider. This includes factors such as selecting the right reward, to understanding how timing, amount and type can influence success. This online course explains how to leverage reinforcement so that the training you provide will be effective.

Credit Hours: 2


  1. Introduction to Reinforcement
  2. The Sequence of Learning
  3. Types of Reinforcement
  4. Avoid Reinforcement Assumptions
  5. Internal Reinforcement
  6. Reinforcement Considerations
  7. Natural Reinforcement
  8. Schedules of Reinforcement
  9. Timing and Amount of Reinforcement
  10. Reinforcement Satiation
  11. Fading Reinforcement
  12.  Reinforcement Conclusion
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