Positive Behavior Support


Positive behavior support helps people change ineffective and inappropriate behavior using positive approaches; a big part of this is to learn to understand the communicative intent of behavior.

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Provides a background to understanding why people behave in certain ways, the communicative intent of behavior and how to help people change inappropriate actions by using positive behavior support. This course provides core concepts related to how behavior relates to environments and the problems with labeling behavior without fully understanding its communicative intent and the context in which it occurs. Besides reviewing basic reinforcement principles, it points out the specfic issues with using punishment as a behavioral control technique. It also covers innovative behavioral strategies on influencing behavior in the natural setting through restructuring, redirection and relationships.

Includes downloadable and reproducable forms. Also a downloadable notes page that follows the presentation.

Credit Hours: 2

  1. Introduction to Understanding Behavior
  2. Describing Behavior
  3. Environment, Context and Communication
  4. Responding to Behavior
  5. Reinforcement
  6. Ethics and Punishment
  7. Responding to Challenging Behavior
  8. Safeguards and Control
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