Solving Work & Home Challenges


Avoid jumping to solutions that can have unintended, negative consequences. This course provides a step-by-step process so that disability support staff can better understand what an issue might be about: behavior as communication, holistic thinking, and getting to underlying causes. Includes how to avoid solutions that might be inappropriate to a setting or person.

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People with disabilities, like all of us, are confronted with problems in life. It might be a relationship issue, health, finances, or a performance problem at work or home. These challenges range from learning new skills, adapting to change, or dealing with access, roommates, or co-workers. This course will outline the steps disability support staff can take to help individuals negotiate issues so that they can experience a happy, full, and quality life.

Credit Hours: 4

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1 Introduction
2 Case Study
3 Problem Assessment
4 Prioiritize Solutions
5 Implementation
6 Support Domains
7 Cautions
8 Cognitive Distortions
9 Conclusion
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