Person-Centered Planning


A web course that covers person-centered planning for the future for people with disabilities: values, facilitation, agenda, team-building.

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A web course that covers the process of person-centered planning by and for a person with a disability, with the input his or her family, friends, and professionals. Defines the approach, its underlying values, and discusses facilitation, setting agenda, planning for the future, action steps, and more. Lots of examples, video, and exploration.

Credit Hours: 4

  1. Introduction to PCP
  2. Planning Components
  3. What a Plan Looks Like
  4. Planning Video
  5. Learning About the Person
  6. Life Dreams
  7. Deciding What’s Important
  8. Employment
  9. A Real Home
  10. Planning Meetings
  11. Getting Help
  12. Self-Determination
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